Who are Oxford Investigation Service?

Oxford Investigation Service is an integral part of Oxford City Council's on-going commitment to protecting public funds and ensuring value for money for the local community.

We have considerable fraud investigation experience, with a track record of delivering high value positive results. This includes significant experience in dealing with both civil and criminal investigations. All of our officers are fully trained to an accredited professional standard and receive regular refresher training to ensure that they are up to date with developments and changes to legislation.

We conduct formal interviews under caution in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE), gather intelligence and evidence, carry out covert surveillance, provide detailed reports of our findings, prepare court files, obtain witness statements and attend hearings to give evidence when required.

Why Choose Oxford Investigation Service?


With a reputation for excellence, demonstrated by winning the 2016 award for Excellence in Counter Fraud by the IRRV, being nominated for three awards in 2017 and going on to win the award for Excellence in Innovation.

Oxford Investigation Service are able to provide a fully inclusive service of investigation right through to taking legal proceedings, whether it is civil or criminal. 

What sets Oxford Investigation Service apart is flexibility, each partner receives a bespoke package tailored to suit their needs, budget and priorities. This has been proven to increase the effectiveness of the service that can be delivered and as a result partners are more satisfied with the outcomes achieved. 

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